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MCH Women in Horror Movies Day 7: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


A true original, and one that is credited with starting grindhouse type of cinema, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains an important movie in the horror realm.


Aside from the story, which many believe really happened, and the gore, this was one of the first (and best) examples of a final girl in mainstream horror.


I won’t cover too much about this movie, since we have talked about it on previous lists. The final girl, Sally, is the story for this entry on the film. She has to endure a night from hell, and see her friends and family killed, but still manages to survive the turmoil. The film is grungy and bloody, and it certainly feels real.

This movie is required viewing for many reasons, but seeing one of the original “final girls” is definitely another reason to check this one out.

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