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MCH Women in Horror Movies Day 6: The Exorcist


Few horror movies pack the punches that The Exorcist do, and few have as strong female characters as it, either. The movie is revered for it’s horror, with WB approaching it with a gravity and realism not seen during that time, but the dynamic between mother and daughter, and what they have to overcome, is the real story.

Ellen Burstyn plays Chris MacNeil, and Linda Blair plays her 12 year old daughter Regan. After playing with a spirit board, weird things start to happen, and it is believed Regan may be possessed by the Devil. An exorcism is called to be performed, and Regan is eventually fine, but a number of casualties occur before then.

Much of the accolades from this film go to Blair, and rightfully so. It is hard to comprehend that she was 12 while filming this. Also, by the end of the film, and her transformation complete, it is alarming. It doesn’t look anything like Blair, and with sound effects, sound like her either.

There isn’t much to say about this one that hasn’t already been said, so check it out if you have not seen it!

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