MCH Women in Horror Month Movies Day 8: Carrie

Carrie is one of my favorite movies. Stephen King’s story about an awkward teenage girl who is pushed to her limits really hits home for many viewers. Many people experienced bullying in school, and we feel such deep sympathy for poor Carrie White, who is tortured at school and at home. But Carrie finally gets her due when she taps into her telekinetic powers. We feel sad that she is doused with pig’s blood, but we cheer when she traps and kills her classmates! Girl power!

I think the ending chaos sometimes overshadows Carrie’s story. Her powers are directly tied to her first period, which happens quite often in horror. In the transition from girl to woman, characters get powers or become monsters. In his book Danse Macabre, Stephen King writes, “Carrie is largely about how women find their own channels of power, and what men fear about women and women’s sexuality.”

We can reveal in the revenge that Carrie rains down on her classmates, but we can also think about the stress of being a young woman and what being a woman means.

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Kayla Lindsey

Kayla Lindsey

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