MCH Kid’s Halloween Movie List Day 16: Little Monsters

I must admit, this one always freaked me out. It plays into the whole “grownups don’t believe kids” routine, and the thought of turning into a monster freaked me out.

Brian, played by Fred Savage, moves with his family to a new town where he has no friends. Strange things are happening at the new house, and Brian gets played for it. His younger brother Eric, played by Ben Savage, claims to have seen a ghost.

After being dared to sleep in Eric’s room, Brian sets some traps and finally captures the monster Maurice, played by Howie Mandel. Brian finds out him and Maurice have a lot in common and become fast friends. Maurice takes Brian to the monster world, where it is kind of like Neverland on crack.

Maurice and the monsters take Brian on a scare campaign to an infants room. Brian feels this is not funny and does not want to do it. Here, he learns he is actually turning into a monster, as all monsters are former humans.

The monsters end up kidnapping Eric, so Brian and some new friends head to the monster world to save him. Everyone is offered their freedom if Brian fully turns into a monster. He refuses, and Maurice shows up with a flamethrower, saving the day. The day has already passed, and the boys fear they are stuck in the monster world. They hatch a plan to exit in Malibu, where it is still nighttime. They exit and find their way to the beach, where Brian calls his parents.

This film is wildly imaginative and one you do not see too often. The makeup used on Mandel is very well done. And the monster world is also a very creative endeavor.

While not entirely horror or Halloween related, this is a great film for the kiddos this time of year.

Happy Viewing!

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