MCH Kid’s Halloween Movie Checklist: Day 9

I mentioned on the first episode of the podcast that my father was the one who got me into classic Universal horror movie monsters. Thus, it was because of him I got to know this movie!

Released in 1948, this film stars the well-known comics Bud Abbot (as Chick) and Lou Costello (as Wilbur). There’s also more big names including Bela Lugosi as Dracula (his last time to officially play the Count) and Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolf Man. Glenn Strange player Frankenstein as opposed to Boris Karloff, but still does him justice! The film did impressively well at the box office raking in $3.2 million!

Abbott and Costello work as baggage clerks at a railway station when they receive crates for the McDougal House of Horrors containing Dracula and Frankenstein. After reading an incantation, Dracula is awoken and wakes up Frankie too. Uh oh!

The movie follows the pair as they try and escape the monsters. With plenty of fun and light-hearted humor, it is an approachable film for all ages. Even the actors couldn’t keep it together: they had to do several tales of Frankenstein because he would crack up during scenes! This would make a fun family night during the October season. Cheers!

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Lana Harrington

Lana Harrington

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