MCH Halloween Movie List: Friday the 13th Part 3

Released in 1982, this was the second highest grossing horror film of that year (behind Poltergeist). This movie is a very important part of the Friday the 13th series, not only because it is in 3D, but this is the turning point where Jason gets his hockey mask! Thank you, Shelley. We are forever in your debt.

The premise of this movie is the same as the rest: Jason’s out killing peeps. But it’s definitely worth watching to see the “3D” effects the movie, such as a pitchfork coming right toward the screen aka your face. Plus, you get to see how Jason got his mask. Pretty cool.

I usually try to watch every Friday the 13th a couple of weeks out from Halloween. So I hope ya’ll can keep up with me! Cheers!

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Lana Harrington

Lana Harrington

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