MCH Halloween Movie List Day 28: Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen

Rosemary’s Baby is a big budget horror flick that treats the subject matter with respect, similar to what The Exorcist would do a few years later.

Rosemary and her husband Guy move into an apartment building in New York City. There are bad vibes from the get go. Rosemary and Guy get pregnant, and Rosemary has a nightmare vision that she was raped and the baby is not Guy’s. Guy assures her it is his.

The pregnancy is rough, with Rosemary experiencing weight loss and abdomen pain, not to mention weird cravings.

The movie concludes with Rosemary’s worst fears coming true, and a somewhat surprise ending.

The Omen is included in this double feature because it is another “devil’s son” movie and pairs well with Rosemary’s Baby. Gregory Peck and his wife have a stillborn child, and decent to adopt a baby. Unfortunately, that child is Damien. Weird things happen when he is around, including a nanny who hangs herself.

As more and more events occur, Peck starts to investigate and starts to realize Damien might be the antichrist.

Both of these movies were big budget affairs, both directed by acclaimed directors (Roman Polanski and Richard Donner), both were nominated for Oscars, and both were remade.

These films aren’t as scary as they were (are they ever?) but there are some legitimate scares that still hold up, and both are very well made.

Happy viewing!

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