MCH Halloween Movie List Day 21 Double Feature: A Nightmare On Elm Street and A Nightmare On Elm Street 3

This has been an entry I have been looking forward to all month. A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of my all time favorite franchises and Freddy Krueger is one of my favorite movie maniacs. I believe the first installment I saw was part 4, which was the Dream Master installment. I eventually went back and watched the entire series, and have been hooked ever since.

The original film introduces us to Fred Krueger and the children of Elm Street. The movie opens with a man, who we find out later is Krueger, assembly a glove with sharp razors on the end, a piece of equipment that would become iconic in the horror world. We jump to the beautiful Tina, who is having a nightmare in a boiler room, a staple of the series. She wakes up from the dream and notices slashes in her nightgown.

The next morning she meets up with her best friend Nancy, her boyfriend Rod and Nancy’s boyfriend Glen. Over the course of the next several scenes, we discover all of these teens had a nightmare with Freddy in them.

In an unusual turn of events (SPOILERS), Tina is not the final girl of the movie. We quickly realize Nancy is going to be the hero we deserve.

There are several inventive and  imaginative scenes in this movie. Tina’s death scene involves an upside down room, similar to Lionel Richie in his Dancing on the Ceiling video. The scene where Tina appears in the high school to Nancy in a body bag, and it is drug down the hallway by no one is very striking. Nancy dozes of while in the bathtub, and Freddy’s glove rises up from the water between her legs. Glen’s death is also inventive, with him being pulled into the bed and then gallons and gallons of blood splashing all over the room.

I think Wes Craven did a great job of separating the dream world from the real world. The film is very intellectual and very different from your run of the mill slasher fair.

Despite the first film getting a sequel, A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, which is not only one of the worst horror sequels but also one of the worst sequels period, it made a lot of money at the box office. Thus, New Line was able to move forward with A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Though directed by Chuck Russell, Wes Craven returned to write the story. Not only is this the best sequel in the series, some people rank this one higher than the first movie, which is no small feat.

In this sequel, Kristen has a nightmare about Freddy. She goes to the bathroom and is attacked by him again, only when her mom finds her in the bathroom its appears as if Kristen has slit her own wrists. She is taken to a mental hospital where returning Nancy goes to help with kids with sleeping disorders. This is an awesome and organic way to bring Nancy back into the fold. She gains Kristen’s trust by reciting some of the Freddy nursery rhyme.

She begins to teach the kids how to harness their power in the dream world, which allows them to be powerful and go toe to toe with Freddy. This is the first time you really see the kids have a fighting chance with Freddy. There are also inventive scenes and kills in this installment. Freddy pulls Jennifer into a television and utters the famous line “Welcome to primetime, bitch.” During an attack on Kristen, Freddy is a giant snake like creature and eats Kristen to about her waste before letting go. Taryn is killed by Freddy after his fingers turn into hypodermic needles and pumps drugs into her veins. By this time, the budget for the Nightmare movie was 4 times what is was for part one.

Dream Warriors was the last movie that made Freddy menacing, and the first one to incorporate comedy and wisecracks, a trend that would takeover in the remaining installments. This movie also made Freddy a pop culture icon.

The rest of this review will just be pictures of the various Freddy and Nightmare merch I have accrued over the last couple of decades.

Vintage button from 1987.

2017 Madball Movie Monster series, Best Buy exclusive.

Mopeez plush by Funko, Classic Horror collection.

Movie Maniacs by McFarlane Toys circa 2000.

Funko Pop! Movies.

Neca 30th anniversary edition Freddy Kruger.

Maxx Fx by Matchbox 1989.

Never Sleep Again by Thommy Hutson.

A 5 inch doll from 1989. It used to have a hat and there was a skull on one of his hands. So odd and I love it.

Vintage Freddy shirt from 1990.

I am not ashamed of my love for the Nightmare series and will go to bat for it at all times. These two movies are perfect for the Halloween season.

Happy viewing!

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