MCH Halloween Movie List Day 18: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives


Whenever I think of this movie, I can see the opening scene in my head: rain pouring down, in a dark graveyard. Tommy Jarvis digging up Jason from his grave. The intent was to burn Jason’s body and essentially cremate him, but instead, Tommy (who we see here as an adult) stabs Jason repeatedly with an iron rod. Oh Tommy, you should’ve known not to leave the rod in Jason’s chest, because of course lightning strikes it and resurrects our sweet boy Jason! Jason kills Tommy’s friend who was also there, and goes on to reek havoc on the people of Camp Crystal Lake. So, your typical Friday the 13th movie with a few more cooler kills and Jason’s signature hockey mask in tow.

Released in 1986 with a budget of $3 million ($3 million!?), this movie was well received by fans and ended up grossing $19.4 million. Now, I was barely 1 year old when this came out, but I would’ve gone to see it. I would go see any new Friday the 13th film that comes out in the present day. So kudos to the Jason fans for making this one a franchise fav.

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Lana Harrington

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