MCH Halloween Movie List Day 12: Hellraiser

This franchise in particular holds a special place in my heart and rewatching it has become a newfound yearly tradition in my household.  So come, I have such sights to show you!

Undoubtedly the movie that cemented Clive Barker’s legacy, The Hellraiser chronicles are widely beloved by horror fans of all ages. In the same turn, the character of Pinhead has become one of the most iconic villians in movie history.

Based on his novel The Hellbound Heart Clive Barker made his British directorial debut with Hellraiser– a bloody good supernatural/fantasy flick with resurrections, demons, and TON of gore. The story revolves around an ancient puzzlebox, picked up in Morocco by the main antagonist ( Frank ) which when unlocked sucks him into a hellish alternate dimension. There, he meets the Cenobites which cause probably one of the COOLEST scenes in horror history. Through bad luck and a few drops of blood, Uncle Frank ends up being resurrected in the family home and hell ensues.


I mean literal Hell.

On October 30th, 2017 Hellraiser will be released in a 30th Anniversary Steelbook Blu-Ray. The movie has apparently had TONS of scenes scrapped so maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to get the RATED X director’s cut in the future?

The majority of the films are available on both Netflix and Hulu now!

What about the future of Pinhead? A TENTH FILM, Hellraiser: JUDGEMENT is slated to release sometime this year. No word on when yet.

Have fun with this one, friends.




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