MCH Halloween Movie List Day 11: Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

I have been so excited to write about this movie since we put it on the movie list.

I even wore my Silver Shamrock trucker hat to get me in the mood.

So a little backstory about the franchise. John Carpenter did not intend for their to be a sequel to Halloween, much less a franchise. He was involved with Halloween 2 but did not direct it. When it came time for part 3, he suggested they use the name Halloween only and make it a stand alone movie, and not tied to Michael Myers. Honestly, looking back I think that is an amazing concept and could have been a real success if people had gotten behind it.

Season of the Witch is the story of the Silver Shamrock Novelties company. The year this movie takes place, they have released a new line of masks that is sweeping the nation.

Along with this is an irresistible jingle.

The overall story is a pretty wild one to get into. Basically, Silver Shamrock is using witchcraft to kill children who wear their masks. There are also androids involved, and references to Stonehenge.

Tom Atkins plays Dr. Challis, who investigates Silver Shamrock after his patient dies by employees of the company.

I think the thing that fascinates me is the bad guys are targeting kids. And I don’t mean stoned horny teens like in Friday the 13th, these are trick or treat aged kids. That is a scary concept and one you don’t see too often in horror movies.

I also wonder how successful or more fondly this movie would be remembered if the franchise had stayed the course and released anthologies with the Halloween name every couple of years instead of going back to Michael Myers as the focus. Even just calling it Season of the Witch may have helped it and not associating it with Halloween whatsoever.

Nonetheless, this movie has started to get a cult following, as most great movies do after some years. And with it celebrating its 35th anniversary, I would say it is required viewing this Halloween season.

Happy Viewing!


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