MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 7: A Christmas Horror Story

I must say, A Christmas Horror Story was a pleasant surprise. The gang got to watch this together recently and we all enjoyed it.

The movie consists of 4 (technically 5) stories that all intertwine, with William Shatner starring as DJ on Christmas Eve that holds them all together.

The acting is underwhelming in spots, and the special effects could have been better, but for what they were given, this movie is great. I wish they would have had the budget of a bigger movie to see this vision completed more clearly. They do a really good job of interlocking the stories together in a way that makes sense.

I will say one thing that is somewhat a spoiler: Zombie Santa’s Elves? How had this not been thought of yet?

This movie is funny, suspenseful and has some gore, so it will definitely find its way into my required viewing list each Christmas.

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