MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 6: Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out was released this year (so new!) and was directed by Chris Peckover. It’s been quite the talk of the horror community since it was released back in October, and now it’s on Shudder at the perfect time of year.

This is one of those movies that I hesitate to describe too in depth. The less you know about it going in, the better. Let’s say that it starts by introducing a precocious teen boy and his friend. The boy is in love with his babysitter, and he plans to tell her how he feels while his parents are away at a Christmas party. It starts to get pretty sinister when the two start receiving threats.

This is an excellent Christmas horror movie. The setting is all decorated for Christmas, and there are even some Christmas-related moments of terror and suspense. The movie doesn’t make everything too Christmas-y though. (It would make it more like Home Alone rather than a horror movie.)

I was concerned going into this movie because of the presence of “precocious teens.” When I see that description, I usually just want to run away. Anyone else scared away from some movies because of this?

I struggle with watching some kids act. It can get pretty painful. Like, are they terrible at acting or do I just dislike their faces/voices? However, I feel like the young actors and actresses were actually great and their obnoxious precociousness actually suited the plot and matched how you were supposed to feel. Nice job! I was fine!


Definitely check this movie out when you get a chance. It’s a good time and full of Christmas terror.


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Kayla Lindsey

Kayla Lindsey

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