MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 4: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas has grown into such a cultural phenomenon that it is easy to remember it took 10 years for the project to come to fruition, and even then, Disney released it under Touchstone pictures for fear it would be too scary for kids. It is hard to believe this project had such resistance. The merch, the logos, and the songs are everywhere. It is also a perfect bridge between Halloween and Christmas.

Tim Burton conceived the idea and characters for Nightmare in a poem he wrote in the early 80s. It is the story of Jack Skellington, who is the Pumpkin King and lives in Halloween Town. Jack has grown weary of the same routine year after year and is looking for something new. While walking in the woods, Jack discovers 7 trees that all have doors leading to towns that represent different holidays (what a clever idea!) Jack enters one and finds himself in Christmas Town and is in awe. Jack returns to Halloween Town with the findings, but the citizens do not share his passion. Jack decides Christmas Town shouldn’t be the only ones to experience the magic of Christmas, so he tells the citizens of Halloween Town they will be taking over Christmas Town. This is where the hijinx start.

Featuring some of the best stop motion animation in film history, as well as amazing songs by the incomparable Danny Elfman, The Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing film that can be enjoyed at Halloween or Christmas.

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