MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 2: Black Christmas


We have the opportunity for a fun double feature/remake night! Hope you have a cozy couch! Black Christmas was released in 1974, and the remake was released in 2006. Both films are about a house full of sorority sisters who are harassed, stalked, and murdered during the festive season. Many consider Black Christmas to be one of the first slasher films. The killer’s identity is never revealed, making it extra unnerving. I rewatched the original a few days ago, and it certainly has some interesting 70’s horror elements; many of the characters are pretty obnoxious and some of the scenes come across more goofy than what we usually see in more recent horror films. It’s still pretty entertaining and festive! Their sorority house is decorated!

The remake is actually a fairly loose remake, keeping the sorority house at Christmas setting but changing many other aspects of the plot. For example, instead of hiding the killer’s identity, the film gives him a backstory. We all have our opinions on giving villains backstories . . . (I personally have extremely strong opinions on the matter that you will probably hear at some point.) Back when it came out, I remember enjoying the movie. It was a great movie to watch at a sleepover if you wanted something a little scary but felt like it was made for teens. It’s worth a revisit, even just for the mid-2000s nostalgia.

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Kayla Lindsey

Kayla Lindsey

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