MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 12: Silent Night, Deadly Night


We saved Silent Night, Deadly Night for Christmas Eve because it is the quintessential Christmas horror flick. It features a killer Santa, a toy store and blood and gore. We also have the pleasure of interviewing Linnea Quigley about her role in this film and her gnarly death scene.

Billy’s parents are killed by a psycho dressed as Santa. Billy and his brother are then taken to an orphanage and his thoughts and fears of Santa remain.

When he turns 18, he leaves the orphanage and gets a job at a toy store. His boss makes Billy fill in as Santa for the Christmas party. Billy sees a couple in the back getting hot and heavy, and when the guy starts to get aggressive, Billy snaps and kills both of them. Thus begins his killing spree.

This movie was released on the same day as A Nightmare on Elm Street and, believe it or not, outgrossed it. But, due to a backlash from families and religious groups, the film was pulled after a very short run and has since gained a cult following. There were 4 sequels and even a loose remake in 2012.



NECA (one of my favorite toy makers) recently released a Billy figure with the Blu-Ray release of Silent Night, Deadly Night and it is amazing to say the least.


We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas horror movie list. From all of us at Music City Horror, we wish you a happy holidays!

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