MCH Christmas Horror Movie List Day 11: Santa’s Slay


I don’t know which movie poster I like better, but both are insane.

Santa’s Slay has an interesting premise: Santa was born to a virgin mother, just like Jesus. Except his father wasn’t God, it was Satan. Therefore, Santa is kind of like the anti-Christ. Christ was his day of slaying until 1005 AD, when he was defeated by an angel and forcing him to take on the traditional role of delivering gifts to children worldwide for 1000 years. 2005 (the year the film was released) was the first year the punishment was over, thus Santa went back to killing. There is a good twist at the end that ties the characters in with Santa.


Also, the human personification of muscles Bill Goldberg plays Santa. I mean would you want to fuck with him?

This one blends into black comedy, and there are some brutal kills. Definitely worth checking out for the Christmas season.


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