Happy Thankskilling!

As I sit here on Thanksgiving morning watching the parade, drinking coffee, and also reading my co-podcasters blogs on what they’re thankful for, my heart is bursting with gratefulness for the opportunity to be involved in this project! It also gives me the chance to ponder over what I am thankful for (Horror-wise) this season:

  • First & foremost: my fellow podcasters! Because, without them, who would talk about all things terrifying with!? I probably would be sitting in a padded room rocking back and forth saying, “Lana isn’t here right now, Mrs Torrence.”
  • Stephen King: With the release of the remake of IT, I’m delving more into his other works and novels, especially since my mom is such a big fan. He really is a fascinating human, and I can’t wait to read more of his books!
  • Holiday horror movies: Today marks the start of my holiday movie watching season. Krampus, Thankskilling, Black Xmas…..if you have any suggestions, let me know! Also, does anyone remember the Tales From the Crypt episode with the escapee dressed as Santa who stalks the mother who just murdered her husband? Love that one.
  • Horror pins: ever since I turned 32, I’ve been obsessed with collecting pins. Shit, hopefully I don’t start collecting charms for Crocs next. LOL. But so far, I’ve gotten a Jason Voorhies, Sam’s lollipop, Pennywise & another IT pin that says “My heart burns there too”. Love my flair!

I could go on, but I shall stop there. So much to be thankful for….especially thankful for all of our listeners & readers!

What spooky things are you thankful for? Leave us a comment!

I hope you all have a fun & safe holiday, boils & ghouls! Cheers!


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Lana Harrington

Lana Harrington

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